The fact of the world we live in embracing new technology has marked a turning point, a new stage: Digital Transformation.

Today, the Digital Transformation process, defined as an unprecedented technological disruption, has affected every aspect of society, all sectors of industry and businesses at every level. It has revealed a new digital world, where the rules of the game have changed following changes in how we interact and communicate with each other.

Digital Transformation is marked by a new form of communication and is designed from an information management perspective.

At Genetsis Solutions, we devote our energies into creating smart solutions that form part of the Digital Transformation and we do this from a dual perspective:


Discover eDOCS IS (eDOCS Integration Solution), a powerful integration environment for OpenText eDOCS DM users.

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Discover  DruID, a powerful identity manager that can be used to identify, monitor behaviour and get to know customers in all digital ecosystem windows.

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Now as never before, companies need a strategy in their Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to develop their Digital Transformation by re-adapting their business processes to the new technologies in order to realign themselves towards models that will enable them to be better connected to their customers.

Genetsis Solutions is born from a unique fusion of technological innovation and strategic vision, key to Digital Transformation.

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Discover the new era of Relationship Marketing: discover ‘How to get to know your customers through a smart relationship manager’.

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We explain how our identity manager will help you build smart communication with your customers. Discover DruID!

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The future of information: whatever the size and sector, discover ‘Why your business needs a smart document manager’.

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